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NOTE: This post is all about me and may be changed from time to time.

Name: Ren/NFM/Faz
Birthdate: September 19
Location: Brunei (ask me at my tumblr for my address if you want to snail mail me)

Where to find me:

Pixiv ID #3577309
Anipan ID #22816

Hi, I'm Ren. I love to draw, watch anime and listen to music. I aspire to be an animator or a game developer.

This blog is going to be full of my artworks, my life posts, headcanons, etc.

NOTE: For any posts that contains my art/scans, please DO NOT REPOST IT ELSEWHERE and CLAIM THEM AS YOURS. I always put watermarks in my stuff. So, if anyone did this, I WILL REMOVE MY POSTS ABOUT MY ART/SCANS.

That is all.

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What am I going to do with this poor blog?
k, k project
The downsides of having too many accounts --- hard to manage them!!

Anyways, I feel like this blog was totally neglected so I think I just have to post my IRL stuff here. I might be cross-posting that on my tumblr and twitter too!!

- Ren


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